Welcome to the Free Zone – A Guide to 21st Century Statecraft

Flight KL-234 touches down on the long, black strip of asphalt. Your destination is located a two hours flight from Internet City, 6 hours from another Aerotropolis. Sunflares and skyscrapers, an architecture imposed by import and export taxes, hidden global infrastructure. Welcome to the Free Zone.

To enter the global marketplace, special economic zones (sez) are constructed which offer tax incentives to encourage businesses to set up in the zone. Less strict policies concerning taxation, customs, quotas and labour regulations attract businesses from all over the world. The Free Zone is an oasis for large scale multinational companies, directed by (inter)national (non)governmental players. The guide ‘Welcome to The Free Zone’ consists of eight different steps of setting up a Free Zone. Rather than a blueprint it deconstructs the different elements forming the Free Zone.

Publication, Field Guide, 2016

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Metabolic Patience: Global Metabolism of Cotton

Metabolic Patience is a discussion toolkit addressing the relations and impacts of the Global Material Flow in form of a public game. The ordinary rules of the Patience/Solitaire game are adapted and transformed, illustrating the story of differently emerging and influential material life-cycles. A specific focus on cotton is used as a simplifying lens to understand the global perspective of metabolism. In context of the public installation the audience collectively takes over the role of the global market force, creating a discussion platform where a critical view on the current situation can be discussed. Exhibited in De Ceuvel, Amsterdam together with Metabolic Amsterdam.

Exhibition + Event, De Ceuvel, Amsterdam 2016

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Public Toilet Cleaning Disco

Beijings’ hutongs have disappeared and the remaining ones are rapidly transforming into areas of recreation and consumption according to western standards. Armed with mops, lasers and disco balls the mobile Public Toilet Cleaning Disco sets out to take a stand; with the help of locals, they will clean hutong toilets in the areas around Dashilar, turning them into public discos. By offering a playful alternative on the use of public space, the PTCD team aims to provoke debate about urban transformation and gentrification, and the role of the designer in these processes.

Perfomance, Beijing China, Beijing Design Week 2015

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I am Graphic Designer from Utrecht, The Netherlands and studied at ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design. My work is primarily research based, exploring the boundaries between traditional graphic design, new techniques and media. I have an interest in the relation between graphic design and interaction design, whilst addressing social subjects and issues. I have also finished the ArtEZ Honours Programme, a two-year programme which supplies a theoretical basis of artistic research. It also brings together students from different disciplines, which inspired me to approach graphic design from other perspectives.

Honours programme ArtEZ, Arnhem
2013 – 2015

Minor Design Research ArtEZ, Arnhem

ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de kunsten, Arnhem
Bachelor Graphic Design 2011 – 2016

Presentation project Retro News at ‘Form Follows Format’ at ArtEZ Graduation Finals, Arnhem (2013)
Participation New World Academy led by artist Jonas Staal (Workshop Leaderless Politics) (2013)
Presentation written text at ArtEZ Graduation Finals, Arnhem (2013)
Assistant Admission of new students Graphic Design Arnhem (2013)
Presentation written text at Open Day Artez (2012, 2013)
Participation research trip Graphic Design Arnhem to New York
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